co.faktor with its service brands co.value®, co.medical®, and co.patient® has joined Cytel

co.faktor with its consultancy service brands co.value®, co.medical®, and co.patient® is now a subsidiary of Cytel, a global company originally founded in the US. Cytel is one of the leading service providers for statistics and advanced analytics for clinical studies and has outstanding expertise in real world data (RWD), health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), and market access consulting.

Through the merger with Cytel, co.value® gains access to a global market access network and RWD for evidence generation. With the European Health Technology Assessment (EU-HTA) on the horizon, a purely national provider will have difficulties helping clients to meet the complex requirements alone. Hence, the collaboration with Cytel is a great opportunity for us to master the challenge EU-HTA while still delivering maximum service quality to our national clients in Germany.

co.medical® and co.patient®, co.faktor's services for medical communications and patient relations, will also benefit from being a part of Cytel, as we can provide our clients with more comprehensive services for efficient launch support and patient engagement.