If you want to be successful with your medicinal product, medical device or digital health application, it is important to effectively address the relevant stakeholders: doctors, patients and payers. Let yourself be supported by a service provider with proven experience and success in addressing these target groups.

Market Access: bringing your drugs, medical devices or DiGA to market

Germany is the country in Europe with the highest expenditure on pharmaceuticals, medical devices and digital health applications (DiGA). For this reason, it is not surprising that the German market is very attractive for many companies. However, Germany is also a country with many hurdles and complex regulations, which make market access in Germany extremely challenging and difficult. You can find out how co.value supports you in optimizing market access for your medicinal products, medical devices and digital health applications at

Medical Communications: closer to physicians and other medical professionals

The information needs and behavior of physicians and other medical professionals have dramatically changed due to digitalization. This makes effective omni-channel marketing all the more necessary to communicate messages at customer touchpoints. Find out how to reach physicians and other medical professionals and interact with them in a profitable way at

Patient Relations: putting patients at the center

Patients have become more critical and more responsible. Those companies, hospitals and health insurers that consistently put patients at the center will have more success in the future. Find out how to consistently focus your corporate strategy on patients, how to use the right instruments in the field of patient relations and how to work effectively with patients despite restrictive compliance rules at

Exploiting synergies between Market Access, Medical Communications and Patient Relations

There are many overlaps between market access, medical communications and patient relations that can be used synergistically if you work with a single service provider. Especially in the time-critical launch of a new product, this brings you many advantages. Learn more about this under Launch Efficiency.

Synergy of brands