Online Reputation Management

Client situation

Two years after the launch of an innovative drug, negative comments about side effects were frequently posted in relevant internet forums. In some cases, it's efficacy was questioned. These reports were in contrast to the convincing clinical data of our client.

Our solution

We contacted several forum writers and organised a Patient Advisory Board meeting – which we moderated – where patients could openly discuss their experiences with our client's staff.

Client benefits

Our measures successfully increased the objectivity of reports about the medication and its benefits. Patients are seminal influencers who have a significant impact on the online reputation of companies and products. Many drugs have a poor reputation online. Patients read in forums about side effects of certain drugs and start their therapy with negative expectations – this can lead to massive adherence problems. We approach such influencers in a targeted manner and provide information that helps them form their opinion. The outcome is a more balanced reporting about our clients' products.